Sunday Dinner at the Warner’s

Since Emily and I live pretty close to both our families, we switch off every Sunday for dinner. One week we will travel up to Fruit Heights to eat with the Staple’s, and then the other week we will go to my family’s house. Well, yesterday, it was my family’s turn, and a few funny things happened that I thought I might share. (However, some things are better left unsaid!) The first thing that was funny is when my Dad indirectly called Emily a dog. It was pretty funny! We were all talking about exercising, and Emily mentioned that she has started to run. She also said that it doesn’t matter how long she runs, she never sweats (which was one reason why I married her). That’s when my Dad decided to say, “You know, dogs don’t sweat either.” We all looked at him and started laughing because we all had the same thought, “Did you just compare Emily to a dog?”

The second thing that was a little on the scary/funny side; if any of you know my sister Kiffin, you know that she has a pretty mean punch, and she can pinch you until blood starts coming out. Occasionally, Kiffin will start punching me, and we will start to wrestle a bit. Well, that happened yesterday, but the outcome was a little bit different than usual. We started wrestling a little bit, and I wrestled Kiffin into the bean bag. All of the sudden, I felt rapid punches on my back. I look up to see what is hitting me, and I was face-to-face with an angry, screaming, four year old. It was Kiffin’s son, Daxtyn. Luckily, Bryan, Kiffin’s husband, saw the anger in Dax’s face and saved me from a brutal beating from a four-year-old. It was kind of cute to see Dax defend his mom, but it was also kind of terrifying to see a four year old’s face while beating up on a twenty-seven year old. Needless to say, I probably won’t wrestle my sister again!


Season Finale!

As I mentioned about a month ago, Emily and I are pretty "hard core" and "devoted" Prison Break fans. Every Monday night for the last few months, we have been glued to the TV. for at least an hour watching the nail-biting episodes. Last night was the Season Finale, and they finally broke out of Sona. The show ended with just enough foreshadowing I can't wait for the next season. For those of you that aren't up-to-date, I won't spoil the ending. With Prison Break out of the way, Em and I can start having FHE. Just kidding, well kind of. Don't you hate how some of these shows can completely take over your life? You start rearranging your schedule just so you can make time for the shows, but they are just so good, you can't miss them! Does anyone else have this problem?


Just For Laughs!

So you know those emails that just make you laugh. Well, here is one of them that fits that category. The title of the picture is "Government Health Warning; DO NOT SWALLOW BUBBLE GUM!!!"



In honor of President Hinckley, we are going to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days. I heard about this from a friend and I thought that it would be a great idea. This means you have to read just under 6 pages a day and we will finish around the 10th of May. We started today and are excited to do it.


"When can you come for dinner?"

So as many of you know, Emily and I moved to American Fork in a little townhome back in July. We started going to the ward a few weeks before we moved in. It seemed like a real nice ward from our first impressions. We also noticed that there weren't too many people that were our ages. It seemed that most of the ward members were in their early 30s to their mid-40s. After about a month there we were called to be Primary Teachers for the 8-10 year olds. We have found that once you get called to the Primary, you really don't get to know to many adults in the ward, but we know every primary child that are the ages of 8-11. Having said all that leads me to my story. Emily and I have our certain Sacrament Meeting spot. (It seems that in the Mormon Culture, if you set in the same seats for two consecutive Sundays, you basically claim those seats as yours every Sunday.)
Anyway, Emily and I claimed the first row of the overflow. (Yes they are hard seats, but it gives you so much leg room.) Last Sunday, we ventured out and decided to set in a different spot, and we arrived about 5 minutes early. As we were waiting for Sacrament to start, a couple, probably in their early 30s, sat in the pew in front of us. The only thing that we knew about this couple was the guy is the Executive Secretary in the Bishopric, and the only communication that we had ever had was when Curtis, the guy, asked us to say the opening and closing prayer for Sacrament awhile back, and if we had signed up for tithing settlement back in December. In fact, I don't think we have every formally introduced ourselves either.
Here comes the meat of the story. Seconds after we said Amen to the closing prayer, Curtis turns around, and asked "What day can you guys come over for dinner this week?" Both Emily and I were a little taken back from that question for two reasons. One, we had seriously never introduced ourselves! We had no idea what the wife's name was, and they only reason I knew his name was because it is always on the Sacrament program to make appointments with the bishop. Second, there was no intro to the question like, "How are you guys?"; or "How do you like the ward so far?"; or "We are Curtis and Krystal Read, and we would like to have you two over for dinner sometime?" Just, "What day can you guys come over for dinner?" We decided on Wednesday at 7:45, and as Emily and I were walking to our class, we both looked at each other and said, "Well, I guess we have a date this Wednesday with people we don't even know." We actually went searching for a ward list after church to find out what their names were. Anyway, we went to dinner on Wed., and we got to know a couple more people in the ward.