I can't stand Paula

With some of our recent blog post, most of you know that Emily and I occasionally watch a little TV. Sometimes, Emily and I will watch American Idol. We aren’t huge fans that have to watch every episode every week, but we like to watch it once and awhile. And if there is a Mormon on the show, we tend to watch a little more. Go Mormon Pride! Well, we were watching American Idol a little last night, and I cannot stand Paula Abdul. Every time she opens her month I want to stick my head in the TV screen and say, “Shut up Paula!” It is now to the point where she has no creditability in my opinion. She will tell the performer that they did a good job even if it wasn’t. If she ever does say something negative or constructive, she follows it up by 20 compliments to make sure their feelings aren’t hurt. She will then tell them that they have a huge fan base, and they should never give up on singer and to keep following their dreams. Why? It is so annoying! Does anyone else feel that same as Emily and I???