The Wii

I was introduced to the Wii about a month or so ago at Emily's house. Emily's Mom and Dad decided that this little machine would be great tool to have quality family time with everyone. What they didn't count on is my competitiveness. It has become a tradition now to play tennis on the Wii every time we go up for family dinner. With my natural athletic ability, I soon became the best Wii tennis player at the Staples household. Every one wanted to beat me, even Mark. Then Jordan, Emily's brother, decided to show me up. Holy Freak! I can't win against him! I swear he plays tennis hours a day just so he can watch me suffer defeat in front of the whole family. Those that have played the Wii, then I think you can understand the intense soreness to my entire right arm the following day. Every single time I play it, my arm is so sore. I never thought a Nintendo game and a little white controller could cause so much soreness and pain!


We are Pregnant!!!!

Emily and I shared our 2 year anniversary last month on the 22nd, and it has been a fun and exciting 2 years. Since we have been married the people have been asking us when we are going to have a baby, namely Ashley Quist, Emily’s sister. We keep telling everyone that we are going to start trying next year. Well, today I am letting the whole world know (just the few of you that read this post) that we are going to have a little one running around in 7 ½ months. We went to the doctor yesterday, and we found out that Emily has been pregnant for about 5 weeks. Can you believe it, after two years of marriage we are going to be blessed with a little TJ (we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl yet, but I am guessing it is will be a boy). Now, I hope that I have your attention. Do you know what today is? Well, today is April 1, 2008, or sometimes known as april fools. If you have read this far, then I want to thank for taking time to indulge me in this joke. It has been very satisfying. Sorry it has been so long since our last post, and sorry for the joke. We hope to have some pictures of us on Easter and our little one in the next couple of days. We hope all is well to everyone that reads our blog!