An Amazing Example

What an amazing example President Hinckley was to us! We are forever grateful for his life that he gave to this gospel and church. He was a man of great love and someone we should all look to pattern our lives after. I am amazed at his perfect companionship he had with his wife and his incredible testimony. His testimony helped mine grow leaps and bounds and will continue to do so. Although it is sad that he has passed on, I am sure that he is enjoying a little rest with his wife:-)



It was Joel's (TJ's dad's) birthday yesterday. He turned the big 53. Trina decorated their house with signs and balloons and went to lunch with him, and made him a big breakfast. Carson called Grandpa Joel telling him Happy Birthday... so cute! Trina, Kiffin, Dax, Aspen, Joel, TJ, and I all went out to dinner at Brick Oven in Provo. SO GOOD! All seven of us were squished close in a small booth, but that is how Joel likes it :-) He received shirts, fishing gear, ties, air freshners :-) and push-up bars to work his pecs! Way to go Chief!



Well, I decided to finally participate in life! I thought that since we entered so late into the blogging community I would summarize what we have been doing since we were married. We were married over spring break in the Salt Lake Temple on March 22, 2006. We honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, where we had to hitch-hike to the resort! (SO FUNNY!)

After finishing the semester, we moved to Apple Valley Minnestoa for the summer to sell for Pinnacle Security. We had a hard but wonderful summer. Riley Warner (TJ's brother) left on his mission for the Munic Austria, Germany mission in May. After returning from the summer, we moved into the Warner's basement apartment(which was pure luxury) while we put some more school under our belts. TJ and I were both going to school at UVSC (soon to be UVU). TJ was heavily involved in student government and I was also working for Pinnacle security. TJ graduated with his Bachelors of Arts in History, and I received my Associates Degree in English. TJ started his new job with Wells Fargo as a Personal Banker, and I continued to go to school through the summer and also worked for Pinnacle Security. We went a a couple of fun vacations one was to Bear Lake with the Warner family. We had so much fun camping, swimming, hanging out at the beach, and spending time together. We had quite the event in a large storm on the lake, lets just say it was one for the books!! Thanks Warner's for an amazing time, cannot wait till next year!! The other vacation we went on was with the Staples. We went back east to see the church history sites in Kirtland, Palmyra, also Niagra Falls in Canada, and New York City. We had a wonderful time.
In the middle of these vacations, we bought a townhome in American Fork, UT. WE LOVE IT! After we purchased it we spent a month fixing it up. Lets just say the people that lived there before us didn't clean for two years. So we... washed everything, put in new carpet, new paint, new blinds, new tile in the kitchen and bathrooms (thanks honey!), bought furniture, decorated, and cleaned...cleaned...cleaned. We had a great time!! Thanks to every one for their help it was greatly needed; and thanks to my hubby for all of his hard work. We spent the rest of the summer and fall spending time with each other, with friends, and a lot of family events. This pretty much brings us to TJ's entries.
Now for the most recent items of business... Ashely Quist (my sister) had her third girl on December 28th. She is so cute! Her name is Claire Lula Quist.

We went snowmobiling with the Staples at the beginning of Jan. We went to Bear River Lodge for two nights and had a blast! This was our last little family vacation before Tanner left on his mission.

And last, Tanner (my not so "little" brother) left on his mission to Paris, France. We are so excited for him but will miss him a lot! Love you Tanner! Well, thanks for reading our life history!


Prison Break

So, after two months of waiting, Prison Break is finally back every Monday Night! Emily and I have a pretty good Monday routine. During lunch, I go to my parent's house to eat, and to make sure that Prison Break will record on TiVo. After work, both Em and I meet at mt parent's house around 7:30, and we start watching Prison Break. The funny part about this routine, is we were able to convert Trina and Joel to be Prison Break-watching-addicts. (I knew we could get my mom hooked, but I couldn't believe that my dad got hooked.) Anyway, the first episode was exciting. I won't share details incase you didn't see it. I don't know what it is about this season, but I get nervous almost every episode. For those that want to join the Prison Break club, you can watch it on Monday at 7:00 pm.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy 2008 everyone!! I hope that everyone's holidays were as good as ours...a lot of a family, a lot of treats, a lot of presents(well maybe not a lot of presents but a few), and a lot of happiness and love. Here is what happened:

  • December 23-We dressed up like Shepard's and Wise Men at the Staples home, and we image what it would be like if we were "Back in Bethlehem" at the time of the savior birth.
  • December 24-We spent most of the day with the Warner's, and Emily experienced her first Pyne Christmas Eve party. Which involved a lot of yelling, food, racial comments(courtesy of Trish), and singing! We also saw for the first time Grandpa Pyne play the trumpet, and Taylor sticking a whole pen in his nose!
  • December 25-This was the first Christmas in our home and completely by ourselves. We started the day off by giving each other our presents. Then, we went to Kiffin's house for breakfast, and we opened up our presents from my mom and day. At 1:30, we headed up to Fruit Heights to spend the day with the Staples. We were also privilege to see Mark and Jana dress like punk rappers and freestyle an awesome rap about the family!
  • December 26-Em and I worked.
  • December27- Em and I worked
  • December 28-I helped at a wrestling tournament and Em spent time with her family and our new niece, Claire.
  • December 29-I helped at a wrestling tournament and Em spent the day at the house.
  • December 30-We went to 2 homecomings, 1 baptism, and a lot of food.
  • December 31-We worked and spent the new year laughing hysterically with friends, drank at least 5 gallons of Sparkling Cider, lit fireworks, and caught up with our old friends the Fitzgeralds.
  • January 1-Spent the whole day at the Staples. I watched football, and Emily cleaned.

And that is a wrap!