The Latest and Greatest

TJ and I just returned from a family reunion up at the Heber Valley Campgrounds with my dads family. We ate a lot of food, played games, watched "Staples American Idol," paddled around the lake, completed a challenge course, and had a good time visiting everyone. There are nine kids in my dads family so we had quite the group, and lots of laughes.

Before we went to the family reunion on Friday, we went to Bear Lake with TJ's family. Every year we camp and spend a few days on the lake. The weather turned out nice and we enjoyed a tasty raspberry shake.

Last Saturday I met two of my friends from high school at Paradise Bakery for breakfast...Kandice, (me), and Kellie. It was fun catching up and telling old stories.


Chris and Em said...

Em! How are you, it's been FOREVER!! Sad that the last time we really talked much was before I was getting married, and that was like almost a year and a half ago!! What are you up to! Ps, those girls you went to lunch with, I went to elementary with one and high school with the other....weird. Hope as is well!

The Stones said...

WOW!! A new post already!! Great job! Looks like so much fun!

Kandice said...

Oh Emily we are in Colorado now and have internet. I am so happy I made it to your blog! It is always such a treat to catch up with you! If you ever want to come out to Denver there is a guest bedroom for you and TJ with your own bathroom and I will even put mints on your pillows! Love ya!